Urgent: Save CT’s Open Space & Recycling

20170601_102126.jpgA state constitutional amendment to protect Connecticut’s Open Space is in jeopardy of falling through the legislative cracks! We need to contact our state representatives immediately to ensure the people of CT get a chance to vote on a land-preserving bill that has been years in the making. A quick email is all it takes to stop them from paving paradise!
Families and individuals have donated land in the past with the expectation that it will be used by the public. Selling donated land for profit dishonors those who have made such an extraordinary gift, and would likely hinder future donations. Our green spaces provide habitat for precious wildlife, places for people to relax and enjoy nature, and priceless clean air and water. They must not be sold off to the highest bidder! Please, please take a minute to send this brief message to your representative. Every voice counts!
Find your district senator here: https://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/men…

Then email/send via contact form on rep’s website:
Dear ——,
***Please make the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 39 a top priority!

With only a week left in the regular session, I am concerned that SJ 39, known as the Constitutional Amendment to Protect Open Space, will get left behind. The people of CT deserve a chance to weigh-in on this important legislation, and we are depending on you to guide it through the Legislature now so we can vote on it next November.

In addition to supporting SJ 39, we really need your help to SAVE THE BOTTLE BILL ***(HB 5618, LCO Amendment 8088), now in jeopardy because of recent unwarranted neglect. I’m so disappointed that the Environmental Committee has failed to recognize the pitfalls involved in repealing The Bottle Bill. There is more than ample evidence in support of bottle deposit fees. Recycling in CT will certainly decrease if deposits are done away with, and people will be taxed more for recycling that isn’t taking place!

We are counting on you to strengthen and expand our state’s Bottle Bill, and in tandem, oppose any amendment that creates a “sham” study group whose purpose would really be to eliminate the deposit program.

Thank you for putting all of your support behind these bills!

Your Name
Mailing Address



***Thank you for doing your part to protect Connecticut! :-)***


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