Bottle Bill Response

Particularly if you wrote your letter to Senator Witkos re: The Bottle Bill, you may have gotten a response stating that there are a number of bills floating around about bottle refunds, and that your rep. will need to evaluate them on an individual basis. We need to be clear and specific about which legislation we want supported.

Please see the below sample RESPONSE to the reply from Senator Witkos on the Bottle Bill, and then take a moment to send another letter of clarification.

THANK YOU all for continuing to reach out in support of more efficient and effective recycling!

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Dear Senator Witkos,

Thank you for replying to my message in support of both SJR6, and The Bottle Bill.

HB 5618, LCO 8088, is the version of The Bottle Bill that we at ForwardCT support.

It provides a small increase in the amount the handler gets, so the handler can stay in business until we can fully update the program.

It also adds more types of containers to the program to increase our recycling rate and reduce litter. But it does NOT increase the deposit-that stays at 5 cents.

Please reply so I know you received this.

We’re really counting on your leadership and look forward to sharing with our members how you’ve acted to safeguard our natural resources!


Also, indefatigable activist Alison Scherer has composed a sample letter to the editor, which she submitted to the Hartford Courant and The Mirror. I’ll share below in case anyone would like to use it as a base to send their own letter out (or just share with friends!).


Please Protect Open Space Here in Connecticut!

With only a week left in the Connecticut General Assembly’s regular session, I am really concerned that SJ 39, known as a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Open Space, will get left behind.

We need Senator Witkos to lead the charge in support of this amendment again this year, before it can appear on the ballot in November 2018.

We also need Witkos’s help to SAVE THE BOTTLE BILL, now in jeopardy because Environment Committee Co-Chair Craig Miner has tried to kill it at every opportunity.

How can Miner fail to lead his party in support of one of the most efficient and effective recycling programs? How can he consider eliminating a program that supports jobs and small businesses here in Connecticut? If anything, he should support the proposed EXPANSION of the program, not shelve it in a study group; that’s just a dereliction of duty.

I am counting on Senator Witkos to demonstrate his commitment to the environment by strengthening and expanding our state’s Bottle Bill, and in tandem, opposing any amendment that delays protecting our natural resources.


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