CT Environmental Updates

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Hello, all, from Alison with CTLCV’s email update from Lori Brown yesterday evening–I’ll briefly condense and urge one or two more actions via our main group. Here’s Lori’s email:

No time to make this message pretty!

Usually a House bill that is still on the House calendar the day before the end of session is unlikely to be called. However, this year is truly unusual and anything can happen. We are doing everything possible to tip the balance in support of the environment.

Very rough update as of 5 PM Tuesday:

We secured more than enough votes to pass the bottle bill 5618, and the Speaker authorized a headcount yesterday. That only happens when he is confirming enough support to get it through. Whether legislators go back on what they told us in the halls is another matter. Nothing has loosened the gridlock in the Senate, and nobody can tell what will happen last-minute between the parties, or between the House and Senate Chambers to get things moving. So we continue to work with our colleagues, pushing for additional support for the bottle bill. Of course, the opponents could talk it to death if their leadership allows. Only the headcount of legislators and our legislative champions of the bill (Rep. Mary Mushinsky and Rep. Joe Gresko) will determine that.

In the Senate, a number of bills that easily passed the House are just stuck, but they could go on the consent calendar if the gridlock is broken. These include the fracking waste ban 6329, access to water data 7221, and a ban on coal-tar sealants 5884. The other big issue sitting in the Senate is the Constitutional amendment to protect open space SJ 39. There is strong bipartisan support, and it should pass, depending on Senate’s leadership ability to get ANYTHING done. Failing to pass that one would be truly tragic: we all assumed it was a no-brainer. Calls to Senate leadership will help.

While we have slowly defeated or mitigated language one by one on the many rollback bills, there remains 818 that we need to stop. This bill would weaken enforcement of environmental protections. All an inside game on that one. Lastly, a new threat developed last night to re-introduce the Millstone nuclear power subsidy through an amendment; we’re still watching for that today.

There will be a special session, maybe more than one. And a lot of people will be looking to mess with the budget implementor on unrelated issues. Will report back on that later.

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On a very positive note, we joined advocates this afternoon to present a special letter to Governor Malloy, thanking him for announcing that Connecticut is the fourth state to join the U.S. CLIMATE ALLIANCE.

Thanks so much to all the great advocacy by active citizens like you! Imagine what would be happening without people speaking out.

Lori Brown


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