Preparing to Lobby for CT Envir. Funding

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. That’s what the current CT budget slice-and-dice is like. People may think that cutting funds for things such as parks, renewable energy, and energy efficiency will save money for taxpayers, but that’s fallacy. It’s like buying new clothes so you don’t have to pay to dry-clean the ones you already have. It’s like a kid trading a dime for a nickel because the nickel is bigger. It’s cutting off CT’s nose to spite her face.

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Cutting funds for environmental protection will lose CT money in the long run and maybe even in the short race. Slashing funds for clean energy and environmental protection will add up to job loss here in Connecticut (which we can’t afford any more of!) and increased tax rates for residents. None of that adds up to saving us money.

We need to get ready to fight for clean energy funding in CT. We need to be leaders in renewable energy sources, and subsequently reap the financial rewards of investing in the inevitable energy sources of the not-so-distant future.

Please check out these two pieces on sweeping Community Investment Act funds and reducing energy costs instead of taxing ratepayersID-100226322

The money pie is being cut, and the environment deserves a slice. Let’s make sure we get to the table in time to demand our piece, folks!


Stay tuned…


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